Full Cold Calling Course (3h)

Full Cold Calling Course (3h)

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Cold Calling remains the most effective outreach channel - but only if you do it right. We’ve clocked in countless hours of cold calls in our lives and made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. In this course, we cover, in-depth, everything you need to start nailing your cold calls fast.

🤔 What’s included?

The course is structured by diving deep into each element of the structure of a cold call. We cover:

  1. Introduction to cold calling: goals and best practices (written + video)
  2. How to structure a cold call (written)
  3. How to ace the first minute of your cold call (written + video)
  4. Engaging opening lines (written + video)
  5. Asking great questions (written)
  6. Overcoming objections (written + video)
  7. Close: Securing the meeting (written + video)

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