Christian Krause: Social Prospecting

Christian Krause: Social Prospecting

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Hyrise Academy Expert Sessions - Christian Krause.

Christian Krause is one of the leading sales voices in the industry and an Account Executive at Salesforce. In this masterclass, Christian shared his experience over his first three years in Sales with the Hyrise Community.

His top 10 lessons 👇

  1. Follow your strengths. Follow your gut.
  2. Trust the process.
  3. Build your internal brand.
  4. Jump on any opportunity that comes your way.
  5. Be the smartest worker in the room.
  6. Don’t be afraid to reinvent the wheel when it’s broken.
  7. Build an online brand. It 10Xs your opportunities.
  8. Once you’re in sales, you’re always in sales (regardless of the role).
  9. Time management is the #1 sales skill.
  10. Sales teaches timeless, transferable skills.

🤔 What’s included?

1-hour webinar where Chris covers how to effectively use social selling to generate leads and top tips on how to become a successful salesperson.

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